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24 November 2016


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The 36 3/4 hour working week for Australian public servants has been in since 1920.

We worked the same hours per week in the TPNG Administration.

As you mentioned Phil we started at 7.45am, enjoyed an hour for lunch, and knocked off at 4.06pm to arrive at the weekly figure of 36 3/4 hours.

Whenever i see 4.06 on a clock face it takes me back to those privileged days and the race to the Bottom Pub or the Kone Club etc.

I recall a former Secretary for Education saying that he had disliked trying to return to his office from a meeting, or whatever, at or near 4pm because he was in danger of being knocked down by the hurried mass exodus of his staff!

From the Loop ...All government offices will be closed starting Friday 23rd December for the Christmas and New Year holiday.

Secretary for the Department of Personnel Management John Kali said the shutdown period starts after lunch on Friday 23 December 2016 (half day) and ends on Monday 02 January 2017.

He urged all public servants to return to work on Tuesday 02nd January 2017.

Kali added that public health authorities, hospitals, police force, Correctional Services, Defense Force, public utilities and other organizations providing essential and emergency services will continue their services to cater for the festive period.

Seem to recall at a Brisbane design business, end-of-working-day was 5.06pm. Humoured by most.

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