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04 November 2016


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Politics for the rich only, not for the simple people. A widening gap between the haves and have nots (rich & poor) created on the floor of our parliament by the O'Neill government.

Our liberty, freedom of speech, movement & participation in politics has been censored if not.

Is PNG trying to adopt the American political system as the final step. If so, then its best to trim down the political parties first rather then taking restrict measures depriving the rights of most capable & suitable candidates who does not have the monies for their campaigns.

Simple people are rich with wisdom & knowledge but may lack the political & technical skills in governing the affairs of the nation.

But what about the wealthy people who end up in the parliament? Their ambition is not to serve the people but to fill their purses again though they are rich before entering the political arena. Where are we heading now?

I'd like to know what the National Council of Women, UNDP and whoever else is involved in increasing women's political participation will be saying and how they will be supporting intending women candidates.

As if there aren't enough barriers already, another K9000 has been added to the list!

This is yet again another ridiculous hurdle imposed by O'Neil's governement to ensure that women have a less of chance to do the important work for the country.

It's not enough for women to continue with contributing and adding to the debate, PNG women must to be supported to be put into positions where they can MAKE the decisions for the country.

This is the Big Man Price, Keith, not the price for democracy.

The price for democracy is something that Pngians are still unwilling to pay, much like every where else in the world - selfless vigilance - you can't for one minute expect people not to corrupt the system and disregards other people's lives.

Political supporters, especially people in the villages will fork out the K10,000 contributions to match their candidates against those who are supported by businesses.

They'll struggle, but consider it their tribal duty and confuse this with their democratic obligation. They don't understand how democracy is supposed to work. Fuck it, not even their leaders do.

The rich and wealthy will have no problem paying this fee. Those bastards only know what it's like to reap the benefits of democracy.

The key word there is 'selfless'.

Peter O'Neill has set this price to make the people pay for his governments poor economic performance.

What an embarrassment!

It's because we all fell asleep, we stopped being 'vigilant'.

Any parent with a four year old will know that losing track of what your kid is up to and where, can end up in a very sad mess.

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