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27 November 2016


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The fees have been raised, despite more than K400 million budgeted for the 2017 elections. (PNG has been running very expensive elections.)

And the campaign period has been reduced to only a month. How are candidates going to sell their policies to the constituents effectively during this short period?

Were these changes reflected in a corresponding relevant constitutional amendment? If there were no constitutional amendments, then would these changes be considered unconstitutional and therefore be subjected to court's interpretation?

Voters in PNG are not concerned, and the educated elites have taken in the decision only.

We are in for a lot of drama.

What? Words with actual action?
Will that become real, so from Nero to hero?

The greatest modern proponents of manufacturing consent were undoubtedly Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson.

History will absolve me - Fidel Castro

Didn't take you long to pick up on the 'post-truth' news Martyn.

They reckon it's what got Trump elected - lies disguised as news.

I don't know about O'Neill though. He doesn't seem to be constrained or worry about the constitution. As Michael observes, he might not be bluffing.

Going to be a hell of a job for the next prime minister to untangle all of O'Neill's mangling of the laws.

Tomorrow in PNG Attitude, Phil draws out more implications for PNG of the so-called 'post-truth era', which I prefer to think of as a 'post-ethics phase' which will end as soon as we get politicians of honour once more - KJ

We thought it was bullshit when O'Neill removed Somare, but that was overturned by the legislative arm of government - supposedly parliament but effectively the cabinet and government majority, since a handful of opposition members could not hold sway in a count of votes.

We thought the Constitution would remain supreme and that the courts would determine that overthrow of Somare was illegal - they did, but who cares now?

We thought that reduction in the parliament sitting time to below the minimum recommended by the constitution would not be passed - effectively reducing the opportunity for parliamentary debate. But it was done.

We thought that the Ombudsman Commission would recover its rights, roles and responsibilities under the constitution, to investigate corruption and malpractice in government, but that never happened.

We thought that Task Force Sweep would do something worthy and it did thanks to Sam Koim. But daddy O'Neill, who established it to prop himself up as being a 'righteous politician', disbanded it when things blew up in his face.

Hysteria? Yes. And probably justified.

The constitution is the ultimate law to which a 'Christian nation' should submit and any reasonable citizen should abide by.

Media propaganda and lies? Yes. Despicable and dastardly.

The underlying notion of media is truth, which we assume the facts will reveal. When the facts are not reported everything that is is a lie. The mainstream media was originally established to ensure that 'the truth was put out'.

They've lost it and the chaos is worldwide.

Is the Constitution done with? No. Although very much abused the book is still has most of its pages in tact.

The O'Neill government has wiped its arse with some pages of the constitution using all three arms of government.

Now they're holding it up in our faces to read.

You can see the text, but the smear stains cover some of the important bits.

I think the next book to go will be the KJV Bible, but no need to panic because there are plenty of copies available.

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