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19 November 2016


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I think the figure is $558 million for development aid per year, which is $1,528,767 per day.

At an exchange rate of 2.33, this is K3,562,027 per day.

That should pay the electricity bill.

Em nau, pasin blong ol lidaman blong PNG.

Save laik acting olsem bigman tasol samting tru em ol smol boi.

Sikarapim has wantaim narapela han, bel solap, kus mambu pundaun na putim narapela han igo antap long moni mas ikam pastaim na ol bai hamamas long ol samting blong wok.

Sem pasin ia!

Too many pngian politicians and public servants are a disgrace to their people. Just throw a rock.

Blari pipia lain!

Thanks Keith. Yes I agree with you both.

Thanks Keith, I would hesitate to call anything to do with the Manus Detention Centre aid or development. These funds are serving Australia's interests, not the interests of PNG.

Same here. That's why I put the money in two different pots - KJ

How much is the total aid package by Australia to PNG at the moment? Anyone know?

In round figures, a billion dollars. This is pretty evenly split between development aid (c $550M) and asylum seeker detention (c $500M) - KJ

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