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16 November 2016


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Thank you Baka, yes it was the second instance (as you explained) of the sindaunim meri that I had observed.

I did notice that there were very few young people around to observe and learn, and the clan leader informed me that many are growing up losing touch with aspects of their culture. Thanks again.

This process comes in various forms. Sigimet nice observation and it is more than that.

The sindaunim meri happens in two forms; in the first instance, when bride price is paid before the marriage ceremony or the bringing of the woman bride to the village of the man groom the family come to sindaunim meri by coming to build her new garden and perhaps her house if she has not had one by now.

In the second instance when a woman takes up house with the man either at his village or house away from the village, the woman's villagers to recognize the getting together of the two in marriage or communion, then they came formally to settle in the woman in marriage. That is what Mr Sigimet experienced.

When the man takes residence in marriage at the woman's village or house, there in no such ceremony. Only an irate relative that will make a formal feast to ask the man to get going with the wife so that this formal process will begin.

It is rude to ask for the bride price when the man is living with the woman at her village or home but the message will be passed on someplace someway. It will be likely at the next drinking session.

This may sound harsh but it is all related to land issues. The woman when she passes from being a girl to a woman loses her land rights in her own village which is patrilineal.

She can have usufructuary rights i.e. gardening rights but it is at the pleasure of the man child. It is therefore imperative that the woman bride is sent along to her husband's village. It is also important that the children of the get together do not miss out out on any inheritance so hence the shoving off the woman to her hubby's place.

What is the woman does not want to go? then it get too complicated for the time and effort to explain in this box. Some other time. Perhaps in A Farmer Buys a Wife.

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