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13 November 2016


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Daniel, there is not one company in PNG that I heard of doing what Jacob Luke just did to his long serving employees. There are many unpopular men and women recognized for unpopular contributions to this nation. Mr Luke should be knighted without any questions asked.

News just in.... Mapai Transport has bought 10 new highway trucks at a cost of K8 million. These trucks will replace 10 older trucks in the fleet and will be given away to 10 of the company’s committed and long serving drivers.

EMTV news showed keys and a bank account opened for each of the recipient drivers. But the keys and accounts were given to the wives of the drivers.

Each truck is valued at K450,000 and will continue to be hired by Mapai Transport. This new business arrangement is the first of its kind in PNG and will begin in April according to Mr Luke.

A new chapter has opened for rewarding committed employees and supporting their families to enter into the world of business.

Mr Luke ought to be congratulated for sharing his wealth with his employees in these tough economic times.

This is the 1st chapter of a manuscript I edited and published it here after Robert gave the approval. Wonder what happened to the whole manuscript. I believe it will make a good book.

Love every word. Best script. I just felt it deep inside me, very emotional. Truly this man is a role model of Enga. The pride of Enga. The blessing from Ambum River.

The Jacob Luke that I met several times in Hagen was a quiet unassuming person. The trucking business is not an easy one. Road conditions have deteriorated over the years, costs have increased enorously. It is a credit to Jacob that he has been successful over many years. PNG does need more home-grown business men and women like Jacob.

Great businessman with wonderful qualities.

Brave and encouraging story

Very interesting story.

What a thtrilling story, well phrased, that ignites us to read further but ended suddenly with birth of one of our great heroes of Enga, Jacob Luke.

Good stuff!

This is indeed a great story. In PNG we look for role models. Jacob Luke's presence is right there on the Highlands Highway.

Robert Iki Leso is writing his biography. Attitude readers will be treated to more tales in future.

Robert is one of four people in Enga Province who I am encouraging to write books, poems, articles etc. I hope their names will be heard like those of Francis, Dom, Roka, Dean, Arnold Mundua, Potoura, Agnes Are, Sil etc....

Indeed, a great story to be shared and passed on of this great man. My heart goes to Mr Jacob Luke's father.

Thank you, Robert. An inspirational, great story, well told.

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