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05 November 2016


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Paul and Phil. True talk. All same gammon. Maus wara.

Yet another serpent provided with a sinecure and confined to shit-scared palace.

Someone also needs to point out to the High Commissioner in his speech that its Mount Hagen, not Mount Hagan, as he seems to believe.

He reckons the 2016 budget is okay too!

Just reinforces my view that Mosbi is not really part of PNG.

Bikpela Maus Wara.

At the risk of appearing totally negative (which I don't believe I am), this is just a bunch of regurgitated 'motherhood' statements coming from someone who was in charge of the aid programs and allowed the current impasse to develop.

Exactly how does a foreign country 'develop capable and ethical leaders' in another sovereign nation one might ask? Especially if that flies in the face of those who are currently in power and don't want any change, thank you very much.

In the meantime, while some may swallow this 'smoke and mirrors' the real deals have already been done with another or other foreign nations and Oz and her ineffectual representatives are being laughed at behind our collective backs.

Maus wara tasol ya!

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