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02 October 2016


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Daniel, thank you for sharing your inspirational story. Violence against our women and girls is a complex problem. However, there are small steps we the fathers can take. For instance, demonstrate by treating our wives, daughters, sisters with respect and dignity. And raise our sons to understand that just because of a flip of chromosome at birth, it does not make their sisters less human.

Thank you Robin, Francis, Phil, Bomai for your comments.

At Cairns International Airport, we were glad to find three PNG couples returning home to PNG. And there were a dozen other PNG women returning home on their own.

One of them, a lady from Goroka whom we were privileged to talk with said she was returning home after leaving her husband for further studies on an Australian Government sponsored scholarship.

And Michael Dom, thanks for the expressive poem from a great poet. Yes, man can ‘choke on stale memories of wasted years’ and in their own hot tears.

But what are tears after a person is dead?

Daniel, that is the character of a strong man. Julie will tell her children and grandchildren about your character in your absence.

"When your daughters have all fled
To foreign tribes, as unpaid brides
Or refugees of your savagery
None will return to bake kaukau
At your hearth, nor bring water
To quench your thirst
Thus you will choke
On stale memories of wasted years."

One day perhaps, a female Papua New Guinean writer will bring her husband down to the Brisbane Writer's Festival.

Julie is a great woman; she was part of us writers and you made the right decision to bring her along, Daniel. Your story is educational for other PNG men to digest and accord due respect to their wives.

Thank you for sharing those great reflections, Daniel. Your courage in raising issues such as these, through writing and experience, will be most helpful to those bogged down by such cultural dilemmas.

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