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17 October 2016


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If its not rape, I think they did it with consent so they shouldn't separate because of pregnancy.

Yes unwanted pregnancies are prevalent amongst many school age girls.

The blame is manyfold & we cannot only say that the young girls are at fault. There are other factors too as you have given the situation of Baka Banā's graduation party.

The girl is vulnerable in this case but other cases lie within the sexual boundaries of the young girls. Rape, forced & arranged pregnancies & contract of HIV/AIDS are some cases that requires parental concern & guidance.

I guess most people are just too ignorant to take precautions. But it surely takes two to tango and both man and woman must take full responsibility.

Oftentimes, there are cases of the man abandoning the woman and the poor innocent child and the family of the woman takes the man to court demanding some sort of compensation from the man.

The man compensates the family and is a free man. But is it really helping the woman and child in the long run?

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