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25 October 2016


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One of the "certain national government leaders" is Peter O'Neill of course.

John Momis is demonstrating how a consultative, ethical government should operate.

Peter O'Neill is doing the exact opposite.

There's an irony in there somewhere.

A deeply felt, forthright and very convincing statement by this statesman for Bougainville.

This will most likely be completely ignored by PNG MP's.

I may be picking nits, and probably it is considered politically incorrect, but the only line I disagree with is "statements made by certain national government leaders".

I'm sorry but to me it's quite necessary and proper to name the fucktards who have made public statements, while in public officeabout situations of which they are not in direct control of nor have even the faintest idea how to resolve.

Full support to our fellows in Bougainville, whether they wish to stay with PNG or not.

PNG political leaders need to quit jerking around with the Bougainville referendum. Bloody jerk offs!

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