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27 October 2016


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A patina for entrepreneurial criminals

“We know what we can afford and what we cannot afford.” PM Peter O'Neill

That's easy to say, especially when it's not really you who has to foot the bill or pay the debt or do without medical services, teaching materials, salary benefits, road maintenance, agricultural services and small business loans.

Imagine what we could achieve if the government decided to spend K3 billion on health, education and agriculture.

Yes Phil, I wonder how that pumping station is coping. It probably has not had an upgrade since being organised by the Transport & Works Engineering Assistant Secretary John Bolt in the early 1980's.

Bearing in mind that it's raw sewerage that's being discharged into the harbour - then and undoubtedly now.

The now infamous Seapark was built on the same spot. It was never maintained but I guess this 'icon' will be secured and maintained so people can go and "sit in the same seat and desk where the American, Chinese or Russian president sat.”

Over in Lae, the only cancer treatment center in the country needs only K2 million for new machines and to get the old one fixed. The patients from all over the country desperately wait for treatment right now. It was on EMTV news again last night.

NCDC should give the building to the Motu Koitabu people since it's already shaped in their lakatoi.

We are always given vague figures for the bills that government intends to run up but we are never provided with any figure at all for what their planned activities may return to our wallet.

PNG government is like a teenager in a shopping mall with someone else's credit card in hand.

They have no idea what they want but there's so much good stuff they simply must have. They don't care how much it costs and it's not their purse-ache anyway. They can max out the card and go back home to enjoy their goodies without worrying about the repayment plan. They'll just dump the card somewhere and the owner will have no idea who spent all that money - so cops can chase after the bills, but can't catch the culprit. It's not their fault that the idiot lost his/her card in the driveway. But if the card hasn't been cancelled tomorrow then there's another shopping spree coming up.

After APEC it would make a good place for homeless people to live.

I guess someone will also give the sewage pumping station on the beach opposite the Ela Beach Hotel a new coat of paint.

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