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02 October 2016


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A serpent is slithering thru the rainforest.
Leaving behind devastation and gloom,
In its wake
Mother land is degenerating
into a desolate, barren landscape.
Devoid of the exuberance we used to know!
The laughter of the children is no longer heartwarming.

Congratulations to a courageous man of his people trying to stand against the PM's favourite logger, RH, who tok bokis on all PNG people with their foreign language meaning green forever!

The people of Pomio and so many other devastated communities have been fighting them and losing for many years.

The elite of PNG turn deaf ears to the cries of their people. It is bad enough that for lousy bucks these elite spivs sell themselves to smiley environmental robbers but they have no heart for what their treachery means for families of today and children of tomorrow back home in their villages.

RH slithered into PNG in the start of the 1990s along with fellow wantoks doing even the most menial jobs that PNG men and women could have done. They even had imported cooks in log camps because obviously PNG people had never seen rice before!

Many ex-Panguna bulldozer, truckers etc were unable to get jobs working for the loggers. Then with corrupt practices in exported log totals and offshore pricing tricks along came huge profits and so we saw the entry of RH into other sectors of the economy.

And all along no PM, no Forest Minister, no Labour Minister would dare to stop their greedy habits or the influx of wantoks from Malaysia etc.

Just when it couldn't get worse along came SABLs which our blessed PM has vowed to curtail after 90% of those examined were found to be illegal..yet still the caterpillars grub out the cleared felled areas.

Only last week Sir Julius Chan granted an honour to an ex-Premier of New Ireland who has been overtly cosy with RH for over 20 years and his testifying in the SABL inquiry made his people cringe.

It transpired he had allowed over 80% of the land of Lavongai Island to be lost to its people for 90 years.

Paul Pavol, you need a thousand more heroes with you to beat the evil mobsters of the logging industry in PNG.

It is good Paul Pavos has won this award.

Such awards are meant for recognition.

What people like Paul really need is support - support from every other right thinking PNGian.

So the next time you see a petition or hear about a protest or listen to a politician about logging in PNG, let your hearts do what your tongues proclaim and support him.

Supporting people like him is supporting the future of PNGian. It's easier than we think if we'd only stand together.

Land is our flesh
Rocks are our bones
Rivers are our blood
Bushes are our lungs

Our livelihood and survival depends on how we use our land and the resources on it.

Thanks to Pavol for defending our environment including the forest from destruction. He deserves the award and congratulations to him.

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