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05 October 2016


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Extent, effect...empiric, ephemeral...evinced evidence-base reporting.
Kiaps ranged individually, collectively, mostly as in reports. What odds opposition?
Ministers (some primed) if arranging, voiding opposition: lauded or laughed at? What, no plan?
Citizenry, planned and canned less coin, Sylvester-like, ‘sufferin succotash’?

The original Meyer Briggs process of determining a person's perspective and chosen or instinctive way of doing things identified 16 basic traits based on the combination of four variables. These variables went something like this:

Extrovert / Introvert
Sensate / Intuitive
Thinking or pre planning / Free Expression (or just let it happen)
Judicial / Non judgemental

The conjecture is/was that you can basically predict a person's personality and behaviour patterns to around the Pareto's 85% or so based on these four basic traits.

The system has since been modified and extended but the process is much the same. People can now access the basic assessment via the web.

There is no right or wrong or good and bad but merely an indication of how a person views the world and approaches life.

Phil and I agree on many things and disagree of others. It takes all kinds to make up a balanced approach to getting things done.

That's why the traditional PNG seniors discussion group in the village was so beneficial and allowed all to have a say. Sometimes, that meant that nothing got done but that really didn't matter as this was a decision in itself?

If there was a danger or intent of warfare, then a fight leader was chosen but this person was not given authority over everything or on a long term basis.

In line with Peter Sandery's anecdote, perhaps the real problem for today's PNG government process is that we Kiaps presented many in rural PNG with a splendid example of authoritative decision making but were never given the chance to convey the long term history and clear and understandable lessons that we already knew as to why a government works and/or why they don't.

Obviously put together by people with simple minds Peter.

I must admit that the propensity of politicians to oversimplify things often leads to unwanted results - stop the boats, no carbon tax, save medicare etc. etc.

Unfortunately it seems to work for them.

Agree with idea of simplicity, Phil, but I am always mindful of the advice I once got from an old legislative draftsman who told me the story behind s 92 of the Australian Constitution.

This says, " On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, and intercourse between the Sates, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free".

The said draftsman went on to explain that, during the drafting process, the politicians said that they should get a chance at drafting a section which they had not for the previous 91.

This was it, and it has been the cause of more court challenges than any other of the sections in the constitution.

I have not been able to verify the story but always keep it in mind when people talk about keeping things simple.


I'm with you Phil.

He, he, heh!

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