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19 October 2016


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Who needs the consent and recognition of our so-called political figures? Jimmy has driven change with the right intent.

Not for personal gain, nor for a pat on the back by materialistic half wits, rather for genuine heart for his people.

I do know for a fact, he is getting a mountain worth of blessings for the highest decree, the God we serve and in due time, he will reap what he has sown.

Good vibes from here Jimmy. Only good vibes! You deserve this.

Jimmy Drekore's international recognition may have crushed the pride and ego of many provincial and national politicians because they have done nothing to improve the plight of our children while Drekore has sacrificed a lucrative career for the sake of the most vulnerable citizens of our society and country. May God bless his sacrifices.

The idea for SCF did not come from any politican, not even our Prime Minister. So lets not ask them for recognition.

They probably have new ideas to do what Jimmy is doing differently. Can't people see the trend in PNG?

Existing roads are not mantained, politicians want to build new ones. Current hospitals are not mantained, they announce multi-million new projects. People don't maintain their current families, they marry new brides to start new families etc....

In Jimmy's case, the one who sowed that seed to convince him to resign from his mining job and start the SCF continues to recognise him. That person is mighter than those we try to seek recognition from.

Jimmy and all of us others must continue to do what we think is right, fair and beneficial for ourselves and others - and keep doing whatever it is we are doing to the best of our abilities.

And very soon, we will harvest the fruits of our very own sweat.

I fail to understand why medal winners in sports are treated and rewarded like heros ande heroines returning from battle to save PNG by the government in the media, the streets of Port Moresby and in grand hotels while overlooking other significant contributions by other PNGeans in others areas towards the nation building.

SCF deserved a grand ovation from the government, both at the national and provincial level for having won the World of Children's Award in New York. This is a monster award th at put PNG, the Pacific and Simbu on the world map. If I was a Simbu MP or the Minister for Health I would have traveled with Mr & Mrs Drekore to New York to witness this grand and historic award.

Politicians are self pride people and here they are feeling defeated of not being recognized at the world level like you.
If they seem to be ignorant then the world knows what SCF is doing not the deeds of the PM or the Governor.
They may be looking at something bigger than this so SCF and Jimmy Drekore keep doing what you are doing until they will regret at last..
Best wishes in your Award Presentation at New York.

How do we expect a man with little honour to give any away?

In the by-gone days a circus or a birthday party were the only two places you could find a clown.

I guess Ronald McDonald changed that, so we can pick one up like a burger and fries, anytime, anywhere.

And lifestyle diseases follow after.

Jimmy, keep your integrity, you're not fast food.

Mathias,if Peter O'Neill feels that he is so high in the clouds that he can't come down to earth and be part of the real people in the real world, then our Simbu governor who has been informed by word of mouth about the award could have done something about it. But their total silence and ignorance,to me is a display of self inferriority. Let them be, we will move on.

Very true! Tru tumas!

Makes you wonder what is the point of having them Lola? Beats me!

On 21 September 2016 I sent an email from Simbu Children Foundation email address with the press release from World of Children attached and a brief explanation of the award and SCF to the PM's official email address listed on the government website.

I copied it to the Health Minister and also privately messaged it to the official prime minister's Facebook page.

I have received no acknowledgement or response to date. I do know the Facebook message was read because Facebook tells you when it was read. I did this as the SCF website and social media administrator.

We forget that successive politicians are primarily responsible for the mess that organisations like SCF and other NGO's are trying to fix.

Let's not expect too much from fact I expect nothing from PNG politicians. Keep your expectations of them low and you won't be disappointed. :) If they exceed them, that is a bonus.

That's a good piece. Agree! And congratulations to Jimmy Drekore for that award.

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