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13 October 2016


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So good to see a Papuan writer getting a guernsey on the old Asopa blogsite.

I speak as someone who spent more than a dozen years in the Central Province --- from places as (reasonably) distant from each other as Sogeri to Marshall Lagoon and then further east to Amazon Bay --- and of course back to Moresby again.

I'm an urban bloke so the bush didn't excite me one little bit.

I knew Vincent Eri when he was an assistant or trainee District Education Officer. He would have been about 28 then.

I walked with him from the Aroma Primary T School up the beach (at low tide otherwise we'd have been swamped) towards Kupiano where Jack McGavern was camped at the local tradestore, cum drinker!

He was an excellent companion was Vince --- we young Aussies shortened his name, just as we did everyone else's --- and I have a fancy he was also something of a rugby league player.

I wrote rugby league previews and match reports for the Post-Courier from about 1967 to 1969 and then again in the early seventies. So that's how the RL link survives with me.

Thanks Geoff for the suggestion. I did message Robert H Eri but had no response. Anyway the question has now been answered.

Thanks heaps Keith, and please thanks from me to whoever gave you the details.

One of our good Papua New Guinean friends, an associate of the Eri family, has provided the information Eric required for his entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Sir Vincent's father was Eri Haiveta and his mother Morasuru Lafe - KJ

Try contacting Vincent Eri's son Robert H Eri on Facebook.He founded the public Facebook group 'Sir Serei V. Eri Foundation, Inc.' Vincent's widow Margaret lives in Hohola.

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