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13 September 2016


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Mandy - Check references to John Akunai in 'A History of Contact & Change in the Goroka Valley of the Central Highlands of New Guinea, 1934-1949' by Peter M Munster


John Akunai may be the person you are referring to.

Hi,I'm wondering if you can help me. I am researching (on the internet) the correct spelling of the name of a member of the Legislative Council in 1962.

He features in 'By Many Paths' (1962, 45 Mins), a documentary produced for the Department of Territories by the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit. All I have to go on is the film itself.

His first name is John and his last name could be Akani/Akanai/Agunai/Aguna/Akuna with the emphasis on the last syllable.

He is/was a coffee plantation owner and poultry farmer on purchased land in the Asaro valley in the highlands, not far from Goroka.

If you have a list of members' names from that year I would be very grateful. Otherwise is it possible to point me in the right direction for further information?

I hope you can help me. Many thanks.

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