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10 September 2016


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Of Kazakhstan ramped stairways, again no recommendation intended, see:

Recently in Kazakhstan, I encountered stairways. At most, an able bodied person can traverse, though more than a few stairways required specific care of attention by each user. As examples, see at:

No recommendation is intended for any as shown, but rather to display a cultural acceptance in Kazakhstan.

As to standard of infrastructure, what is intended in the 'Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities'? What is the capability of governance, commerce and industry in PNG, relative to obvious needs indicated by Francis Nii? Is 'ramping up', the only need?

Australian design industries have obligation to owners of infrastructure, but also to users and 'the public'. To standards now commonplace in Australia, advancing the care of persons challenged by incapacity, most likely came about incrementally, chased along by some landmark plaints at court and claims on insurance.

But cane constructs in PNG...maybe 'a bridge too far'.

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