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19 September 2016


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What a gracious and honest account of what must have been an eye-opening visit for Julie.

I was honoured to meet her and her compatriots at Keith and Ingrid's PNG writers' reception event.

Wow! A really lovely tribute to the Oz friends and people who made their trip enjoyable. Very spontaneous thank you.

God bless in your years together that are still to come.

Roseanne, it would have been nice to meet you and the PNG community in Cairns.

I know who Nora-Vagi Brash is. Her husband, the late Dr Elton Brash, the UPNG Vice Chancellor, gave me the initial capital of K500 (alot of money at the time) to publish the UPNG Enga Students Association Yearbook in the mid 1980s.

Many of the short stories, poems and essays Enga students published at the time have been compiled and published in two of the books I have compiled. Entitled 'Remember Me' and 'Can't Sleep', thy are available on Amazon.

Sorry I missed you all. But we never know what will happen tomorrow.

Wambel em stap long Julie na Daniel, na Keith na ol team bilong em tu.

What a gem! I am sorry I missed you, Daniel and Julie, when you were in Cairns.

Thank you for including us in your project which was indeed wonderful.

We will remember the Noosa occasion and the visitors. Francis, Daniel and Julie and Martyn are fine people of substance and Julie's article is poignant and touching. Thank you for the experience.

"Something I noticed in the shops, train stations, hotels and public transport systems is that everywhere there are people ready to help."

Helping in whatever way big or small transcends colour, language, education and race. Its people-centred.

These are great observations of what quality of life should be. It should be the Papua New Guinea dream to take care of people, infrastructure, our own health and to want things that make life easier.

Congratulations to the writers and the lovely silver haired men and women who made the event a success.

Everything seemed like a dream when we stepped off the plane at Jackson's International Airport yesterday.

But all the high emotion subsided to find our son, a third year Arts student at the University of Papua New Guinea suspended for four semesters. He was waiting to tell us the bad news.

He was the group leader from Kandep District in Enga Province in the protests. That is what got him into trouble.

What he can do now is accept the decision and wait his chance to re-enter UPNG in 2018.

He comes from a good, tough, intelligent family and will do well in life. A harsh and foolish government imprisoned Nelson Mandela for 27 years. There's your son's inspiration - KJ

Such a beautiful heartfelt thankyou note, Julie and Daniel.

Once in a while, simple (heart to heart, people to people) positive accounts of kindness, goodwill, gratefulness and faith like this come along that inspire one to celebrate the good that is in people across racial lines.

I was inspired by Julie’s story.

A fabulous memoir underlining faith and simplicity, capturing fleeting moments of the best there is in society, and frozen memories of the beauty there is in humanity.

The five Kumbons are in safe hands, and indeed Lord, bless the “lovely silver-haired men and women with good health and long lives”.

Mi hamamas tru long toktok blo yu, Julie. Gutpla tu sapos ol pipal husat i halivim yu inap harim displa tok. Tasol husat i lukim PNG Attitude? A sori.

Thank you, Julie and Daniel for reminding us of all the things that we Australians take for granted but that many others, and not only in PNG, do not have. You have touched my heart ....

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