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06 September 2016


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.... and they are doing it with the second or Gulf LNG. Just ignoring the people of the Gulf because the government and oil companies want quick cheap bucks.

Leave it in ground until the impacted communities have been completely socially mapped.

Don't allow meetings of alleged landowners in Moresby or, crazily, Rabaul as they did with LNG #1.

From a perspective of cultural respect for land tenure, is this not further evidence of a partial if not complete absence of social mapping survey work. There must be a few surveyors now muttering, "I told you so," heads inclined toward Corporate bikmen.

Some might jump to that conclusion, Robin, but those with experience in the area also know that most of the violence can be traced back to unsettled disagreements, some of which go back three or more generations before any project development. There is no doubt that the possibility of instant cash benefit from extractive projects can put this underlying , unsettled unrest into high relief and juxtapose this onto a traditional land tenure system which quite legitimately, traditionally can have residents of a piece of land working it, but under something that might best be described as a sort of lien, whilst others have rights such as hunting/gathering and the ability to pass through such areas as well as those who might be classified as primary owners( there are local names for all these categories) and you get an idea of the complexities of the issue - PNG in microcosm, perhaps. The time it takes to enquire into these intricacies comes up against the wishes of Company Executives and Government Ministers to get such projects up and running asap, therein lies the problem and often corners are cut in the interests of expediency which sets the scene, of course for further strife later on.

and, further to Robin's comment, is there much connection with the recent top leadership struggle between Undialu and Potape?

Is there a connection between this violence and the lack of recompense from LNG royalties?

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