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13 September 2016


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Watch how we treat our children, even the most "called" educated parent - we scream at our children, we do not try and instill virtues.

We have no time for our children, the issue of time is exacerbated with our relationship with our mobile phones, ipads and on our computer.

Additionally, our inability to delay our gratification of habits that are not good for our children - bingeing on chewing , smoking and alcohol in front of our children.

I see many parents just keep a child quiet and engaged by letting them watch hours of movies. That's not the solution. A movie should be a learning tool too and a child should watch with the parents.

Watch how we relate to the environment and the plants and especially how we relate to the animals.

It's scary when I see my neighbours' children all deadly Christians who pray every day. The children are beating up the dogs for no reason and killing grasshoppers and cutting down plants. The Godly parents have no idea about connecting their belief and renouncing these behaviour.

What I am trying to say is: irrespective of education and religions, we as parents are not the better parents and teachers - we are raising devils and annihilators to be.

That was how many of us grew up and we are now doing these criminal and terrible things to our children.

And no one will step forward and say something.

Why is PNG becoming more alarming in child abuse?

David, growing domestic violence is variously put down to a breakdown of traditional rules and practices and increasing poverty - KJ

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