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07 August 2016


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Governor Gary Juffa gives fearless indication of impairments, in both systemic and human delivery, of 'basic government services'.

Infrastructure of educational usage falls into disrepair despite visits by elected representatives seldom seen, but then arriving for inspections in quite state-of-smart vehicles.

Far behind and fading long past is the infrastructure of village based (VB) medical aid, seemingly discarded by (perhaps non-admitted) policy of neglect.

First failure in VB medical aid was a growing, and then total, lack of provision of equipment and curative (...ahem) regalia. Eventually when staff left in forfeit of wages, termites had their treats. Of disaster management planning, what provision of rallying-point infrastructure is there by the PNG central governance, a mobile phone number?

As to education, with any OBE (outcome or objective), as said by Andrew Wangi, 6/8/2013, the system "...can only work if...equipped with resources like improved library systems, new and relevant textbooks, computers and internet...for all students. Of fail-safe planning for a future PNG, wherein its education-enlighted citizenship meets and matches challenges, how is it that teachers have to implore politicians to act as (personal?) channels for monetary provision? Really, is that tru?

In 27/9/2012, ‘Effects of outcome-based education in Papua New Guinea’, John Iromea argues, “…the government literally failed to fully capacitate the education system...” Is this not unlike the 'first failure' mentioned above?

Early missionary education was not of the infrastructure of buildings, which were of local endeavour and materials. In recent years, customary provision (and growing expectation) is in that via enterprise in non-government sectors such as commercial ventures, whether for State or non-State schools.

The purpose of education's existence as a basic service, and as need for provision, remains the programmatic human tasks and paraphernalia of teaching/learning.

Should decline reach 'tipping point' for paraphernalia as earlier of 'regalia', then what?

A statesman-like expression appears in 'Suau: the sons of seafarers' by Konetero Ronnie Dotaona, 3/7/2015: “…sail the waters and build hardwood boats out of love, respect and character, boats that will stand life’s stormy seas.” Ahh, that Ronnie's boats were the vessels of votes.

Gary Juffa you have nailed it!

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