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18 August 2016


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As Peter Turner would have it on the exkiap website there were three people wounded by projectiles in the fracas at UPNG. Two were hit in the leg and one in the buttock.

Peter said that the students were throwing rocks at the police and one of them was hit in the head. It is suspected that he ‘got even’ by shooting, thankfully aiming low.

According to Peter about 40 people were injured in the stampede that followed.

The SRC President was hit by a gas projectile in the chest. He appeared on TV two days later and has been arrested and charged with a variety of offences.

I don’t know how you check the veracity of Peter’s claims. As many people know he is a strong supporter of the RPNGC and raises money to help retired police and their families.

The point is there are always two sides to any story. To date we have mainly been getting the student’s side.

That aside, it is very apparent that the situation was handled very badly, particularly by UPNG.

There were a number of journalist's who were eye witnesses. They generally supported the students' story and their reports were disseminated widely - KJ

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