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03 August 2016


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His statement is a laughing stock. Before putting his public statement out, he should have asked himself this Question. "As the MP and as the long serving minister in various ministry positions, Have I ever done anything of these sorts myself which may cause ordinary people of PNG to silently but aggressively give me their middle hand?"..

Plenit Steal Marn Meri tumas inside lo Public Service Blo PNG.

Nepotism Too i bikpla tumas inside lo Public Service Blo PNG.

Ol mekim olsem, whosite i holim top position, em wantem family blo em kisim first priotiy. When this happens, others who work under the hierarchy give up in performing or producing best outcomes in their duties which leads to other issues that you can thnik of and named it.

PNG MP's really need to learn to toilet in the right place.

They are making the country more unsanitary than us buai chewers.

And the stains the politicians leave will fuck-up the lives of future generations for decades.

The way Mr Duma is saying is that he for a long time knew that corruption, nepotism and complacency were present in PNG-owned state enterprises but decided to keep his mouth shut.

His concern has came after PNG's Forest Minister has rejected a bribe from a foreigner.

Was the deportation of the Malaysian due to him not paying enough in bribes?

We do not want cheapskate bribery in PNG! One must get real like Australia and use sugar bags full of the folding stuff.

I think most of these hypocrites like William Duma are seen through by most people. They preach one thing and do the other. We have similar politicians in Australia.

As soon as a politician comes out hard on an issue like corruption it's a fair bet they are involved in it up to their necks.

It's a bit like how guilty people deny their guilt as loudly as possible. The louder they yell the guiltier they are usually.

Remember O'Neill's ranting about ending corruption?

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