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22 August 2016


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Congratulations, Ben. Looks like an exciting adventure ahead for you and your family.

Welcome home, Ben and family.

This is the country that groomed and cultivated your 18 year old, dad into the card-carrying people-organizing and getting-things-done champion that follows from his great-grand father.

Buzz me for a special internet package plan when you touch down in Port Moresby.

Finally my small bro is coming home to stay with us in PNG. Welcome home Ben. Yu mangi PNG stret!

Michael was quick to pickup on the potential 'go between' role Ben. I was thinking I'd save it for later.

Congratulations on your new position, Ben, and a warm welcome to your young family.

I feel fortunate and proud to have the Jackson clan as part of my country.

The combination of your family heritage and your own experience puts you in a unique position to be the go between for PNG-Australia projects.

Congratulations Ben, I'm sure you'll do a great job and you'll all enjoy living in PNG.

Congratulations on the new role Ben. Despite all its bad press Port Moresby isn't such a bad place and any shortcomings are made up by all the friendly people who live there.

There now seems to be a generation of children of 'bifo's' now establishing links with PNG. My son has worked there too. It bodes well for our ongoing relationship, especially since a bit of us old timers know how might have rubbed off on our kids.

Congratulations Ben. It is such a lovely continuation of the Jackson love affair with PNG in the communications field. I hope that Becky and Leilani will like it here too.

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