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08 August 2016


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There is a tale of now 'big man' in all ways, Ben Micah, who got put into Kavieng corrective - possibly for civil debt.

He managed to persuade CIS to not put him in with adults but in the juvenile section. Apparently even shed a tear at how he had fallen so low.

Someone got him out next day....24 hours enough for our elite.

Remember Josephine Abijah getting pardoned quickly too by Chief

Mr Wobiro was an academic at UPNG before contesting and winning the election.

He is among a few politicians who are highly educated in the current parliament and should know his duties and responsibilities as politician better in a democratic nation.

I wondered why he was instrumental in supporting our PM O'Neill to seize PNGSDP from Sir Mekere and now it seems he was doing it for his personal interest and not for the people of Western Province.

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