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27 July 2016


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Francis I agree. Priority roads like, Moreguina to Safia to Bareji and Siai to Ioma to Kira to Garaina to Wau linking CP to Oro to Morobe, Robinson to Gurney (CP to MBP), Gulf to Morobe, Tari to Oksamin to Tabubil including ferry crossing the Sepik and Ramu rivers for Madang/ ESP, WHP/ESP, Enga/ESP are major projects.

PNG government keep spending existing roads and directing Donors to spend on the same.

I think it would be useful for one donor to spend a on brand new road every year like the Highlands highway been done by Dillingham Corporation before independence.

The National and the Provincial government can do the major feeder roads linking these inter Provincial roads.

One road could change the entire political and socioeconomic core of PNG - link Port Moresby to Momase and the Highlands.

MP's would not sit so comfortably in their seats.

Citizens access to their capital city is a hallmark of democracy.

You could maybe add road and sea transport to Gary Juffa's list Francis.

Thank you Francis. You have again effectively enunciated the issue that prevents in many of us who understand but are effectively excluded from helping.

There you are on the Northern side of the Torres Strait and here are many of us on the Southern side. We both can see and understand the problem.

The blockage that is responsible for this 'intransigence of intent' effectively lies with those who are currently in charge of the government systems on either side of the Torres Strait.

I have for years offered at no cost, my experience and help and have where possible followed that through wherever I could. But this has only assisted in small ways and the main problem remains unchanged and resolute in it's determination not to change.

It's a bit like Governor Juffa's offer to help the government free of charge. For exactly the same reason, those in charge are quite comfortable with the current situation, 'thank anyway'.

There appears to be only two ways to remove this 'Gordian knot'. Either you and others who are committed to the same objective patiently unravel the strings and ropes of that convoluted knot or someone like Alexander simply draws a metaphorical sword and simply cuts the knot and opens the gate. The problem with Alexander's solution is what happens when the knot is removed? Unless there is an effective organisation and an ethical leadership already in place, nothing will change and when the modern Alexander departs, everything goes back to what it was.

Going on the events of last week, it is clear that no one at the moment locally has the potential to lead an effective attempt at cutting the knot. Therefore it remains for those who do know what to do, to start at the beginning and patiently start unraveling the knot and building a believable and proven leadership.

What is required on your side of the Torres Strait is the opportunity to request the right sort of help from the right sort of offers. Until that happens, we on our side of the Torres Strait who do understand and could offer positive help in this matter are effectively stymied.

Olsem wanem ol wantok? Displa wok ino isi tasol sapos yu laik wokabaut lo displa rot yu mas stretim tingting blo yu na girapim olgeta husat igat kainkain tingting olsem. I nogat narapla rot.

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