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11 July 2016


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Sade Bimantara, the spokesperson for the Indonesian embassy in Canberra has a motive for writing this article.

Is is proper analysis or just ink against the ULMWP?

Unfortunately, Sade has very little to say about the elevation of Indonesia's status in the MSG. All the fears of the MSG people about outside influences dictating the real focus of MSG is perfectly captured, first hand, by someone who tends to know exactly what he's talking about.
When the mole in MSG is capable of being channeled by the 'outside influences', it's obvious there's one already at work at the helm, running the MSG 2038:Prosperity for all Plan at the expense of the MSG people's progress, financed by the MSG people.

What really matters is that the 50+ years of illegal colonisation and subjugation that has precipitated the slaughter of 500,000+ Melanesian West Papuans is 1) not forgotten, and 2) ended with an orderly withdrawal of Indonesian from the island of New Guinea, and 3) sovereignty is restored to West Papua.

The non violence resolution from the West Papuan coalition group ULMWP in pursuing international support and recognition to foster dialogue and find a solution to this unresolved decolonisation issue is making Indonesia very, very nervous.

Indonesia human rights brutal abuse, violence, and suppression against the Melanesian people of West Papua is well documented since the sham UN supervised 1969 Act of Free Choice. This vote should be revisited by the UN to resolve the current conflict that has claimed and destroyed many Melanesian lives.

West Papua was sacrificed because of Cold War politics and the greed for resource in the past. It is time for this past wrong to be made right in the present, and the MSG should take lead to and show its humanity by standing with the ULMWP for West Papua.

Indonesia still has no arguments to occupy West Papua for over fifty years. Let them go.

Good to see our readers so alert to Indon propaganda. I think Mr Bimantara should understand that he needs to argue from a factual basis if he is not to be seen as a bit of a tool - KJ

Very misleading article.

ULMWP is the political head organization of the West Papuan independence movement and so is seeking West Papuan membership of MSG, not MSG Membership for all of Indonesia's Melanesian Provinces.

The other Melanesian provinces have always been loyal to Jakarta.

It is the West Papuans only who have had aspirations for self determination. Those aspirations are represented by ULMWP.

The scent of an East Timor episode must be getting into Mr.Sade Bimantara's nostrils, hence cannot restrain himself from a united West Papuan Group that is soliciting the support of his brothers from the MSG.

This thing is happening!

"It always seems impossible until it's done".
We have support coming from parliamentarians all over the world. The International Human Rights Lawyers Group ( have firmly established that, this illegal occupation by Indonesia must end.

Despite of its denial, The UN is also aware of the genocide and human rights abuse that happening in West Papua.

54 years of theft, oppression and subjugation of the Melanesian land owners of West Papua is being recognized for what it is.

Please get ready to concede and step aside.

This seems rather misleading.

The author hasn't even mentioned the fact that New Caledonia's FLNKS indigenous Kanaks movement is the fifth full member of the MSG, and they have an aspiration for, and timetable towards possible decision on, independence. So there is a precedent within the MSG for the West Papuans to have membership.

Indonesian officials continuously characterise the ULMWP as a group representing overseas Papuans. But in fact we know that the ULMWP has huge support in Papua.

In the last couple of months there have been mass demonstrations by Papuans in cities of papua and even elsewhere in eastern Indonesia voicing support for the Liberation Movement. On one day of demos, 2 May, police in Jayapura detained around 2,000 Papuans for their involvement in demonstrating - it's understood to be a record number of arrests.

The most visible of the ULMWP's leaders are based in exile, yes, but there are obvious reasons why they must operate from abroad.

As for the spurious claim about Indonesia having 11 million Melanesians, this was according to Indonesian specialist Richard Chauvel an old diplomatic strategy of Jakarta's which it used when it was arguing with the Dutch about who "owned" West Papua leading up to the transferral in the 60s.

It's become of use again since 2011 when Indonesia was brought into the MSG as observer under Fiji's watch. The claim is questionable:

Interesting that Roy Mickey-Joy is quoted as the article talks about disruptive influences at the MSG. Rather than the ULMWP, he was alluding to the kind of forces at play behind the scenes which resulted in Fiji "announcing" the new chairman of the MSG, Fiji diplomat Amena Yauvoli, shortly after Fiji's government had received a visit by Indonesian Co-ordinating Political Minister Luhut Pandjaitan and his state cheque book.

The announcement came before other member states were fully consulted. Both PNG and Vanuatu objected to the announcement, although since then the matter has been "resolved" and it seems Yauvoli will stay on in the role. MSG's chronic funding problems mean they are now more prone to outside influence than ever.

Another thing: why is the author referring to the MSG's almost "one decade of existence"? The MSG was created in the 1980s. That makes it about 30 years old by my math.

In one of his recent Papua opinion pieces, Mr Sade portrayed the Liberation Movement as a terrorist group:

Did the full members of the MSG seriously think they were linking up with terrorists when they admitted the ULMWP into the group with observer status last year?

My guess is we can expect more of these misleading articles because Indonesian officials are scrambling as the internationalisation of the West Papua issue grows.

Glad you elaborated on that, Johnny. The writer is from the Indon embassy in Canberra and the spin is clearly in - KJ

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