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14 July 2016


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The sons and daughters of beloved Papua New Guinea will "stand on this stone than than they were ever before, be it unaided or with friendly encouragement; whilst there, give thanks to our Creator for their existence".

Whenever I see that golden crest of beloved Papua New Guinea, I will be able to recall this man's work of heart in those works of art.

Thank you KJ for the artful reminder of this honorable man's artistry.

I hadn't posted anything before about my dad passing away a few weeks ago. I kinda felt I couldn't sum up what an amazing guy he was in just a few words.

Thankfully, my dad's great friend Keith Jackson has written this terrific obituary which captures dad's amazing life perfectly. Thanks for being such an amazing friend to my dad, Keith.

What a wonderful, complicated, vibrant man he was. He stands out in my memory as utterly inimitable. Thank you for sharing this reflection of him.

Thank you for sharing this, what a beautiful amazing man to call your father. So sorry for his passing, I have tears in my eyes reading the obituary. But what an inspiration of a man who has dedicated his life to his art.

Nice words, Keith, cataloguing a very useful life for a wonderful man. Nay , after reading Hal's memoir, an Australian gentleman - and larrikin - of the highest order!

Well done, KJ.

What an amazing adventure of a life. What a great and lasting influence and legacy he has given his family, the art community and the galleries, parks and other spaces where his work can be seen.

Knew him well in the 70s in Port Moresby. He did portraits of my wife and me at the Hibiscus Room. Mine was stolen! He was a wonderful character.

Vale Hal, a man of many talents. It was a privilege to attend his investiture with the Order of Logohu.

A lovely tribute. Thanks for writing it.

What an amazing life.

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