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01 June 2016


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I read this story 3 times, and each time I was moved. Alexander this is one of the best stories I have read and is surely award winning. Keep writing!

A sad & emotionally driven story for a family. Well versed & written.

Thank you all... It took me two years to get that story from Regina.. Every time we meet to go through the story, she became emotional and so we have to postpone. This went on for the two years until finally I managed to complete this write up... She did read through the draft before it was published..
There is a second part of the story coming which Regina herself is helping to write it out.. Will be posting when ever she approved for publication.

I did print this page and had given it to Regina to keep with the photos of her man...

Thanks again all

Beautifully written, Alexander, and thank you Regina for sharing your story.

Very inspiring story. Lady Regina Maino your are true definition of love.
Thank you.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I read this story. He happens to be my tambu. I know how it feels to lose a loved one. You have a good heart and you are a good woman.

This brought tears to my eyes! Regina is such a brave & strong person! This is a wonderful piece....

This is a piece for 60 minutes. My first time to shed tears by reading a touching story. God Bless Regina.

thanks Alexander. It's a great story.

This a great touching story of love pain and peace.

Regina is the definition of love. Thanks for a great story.

God bless your family Regina.

Great story telling.

We can all empathize on the loss of loved ones.

Keep in mind why these men died.

Remember the real reason why "husband and father 810160 Corporal Horace Marco Maino" was sent to his death in Buka.

Realize that the same leaders who allowed the conflict on Bougainville to erupt are alive and many are still in control of our government today today.

Recognize that the same sick leadership styles and corrupt political practices exist today, with little thought for the present nor future welfare of their people.

Reflect on the fact that although much time has passed little has changed about the fundamentals in our politics, our economy, our society and our history, since this first officially government sanctioned killing of Papua New Guineans by Papua New Guineans.

Revere the dead - remonstrate the living.

I'm so glad to see there are over 600 'likes'.

Perhaps this message will cause more than 600 'thoughts' and encourage 600 'acts'.

Oh I had tears in my eyes and pain in my heart, what a very touching piece. God bless you Regina, a very brave and strong woman with courage that keeps you going.

This story is really like the movie Suzie talks about 'The Lost Valentine'. Please watch it and read this story again.

"Regina felt a sudden gust of wind that softly touched her face before rustling through her greyish white hair. It felt like a hand she knew."

That's the line that tugs at your heart.

It's a wonderful piece of writing. I hope it will be entered in the Crocodile Prize competition.

It is an entry - KJ

A story of true love, pain, strength and peace. Had tears in my eyes because I remember that day when they were leaving.

This a very beautiful piece. I had tears in my eyes as I was reading and also I thought of the movie 'The Lost Valentine'.
Regina is indeed a strong woman.

A great story of pain, love and peace of mind.

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