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30 June 2016


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The government must understand that the mine was the cause of the civil war in Bougainville and to talk about mining now is not in the best interest of the people of Bougainville.

There are still fresh scars that needs to be healed and family reconciliation is still ongoing in some villages in Bougainville.

What the government needs to understand is that the conflict did not only cause friction between the PNG government and Bougainvillians, it destroyed family relationships in Bougainville and that's something the people in Bougainville are currently trying to resolve.

Family reconciliation is currently happening in all parts of Bougainville and needs more support from all stakeholders for a brighter and peaceful Bougainville.

Look at the Facts. BHP left behind a Trojan Horse in Ok Tedi with respect to its shares in the mine. Rio Tinto gave back to Bougainville and PNG a mine in compensation for the loss of life in the Bougainville civil war.

It's up to President Momis and O'Neill to deal with the finer details of how equitable the mine can be developed for the collective good. It's time to move on.

The mine is a lake and the river is a tailings desert. Some compensation. And I'd rather listen to John Momis on this issue. His words in PNG Attitude are brutally to the point. Move on? This issue has a long way to run. I hope it can be dealt with fairly and peaceably. But for this to happen people like you, Gabriel, will have to show far more understanding understanding - KJ

Is it not too cynical to suggest that Fr Momis should go to China too?

I think you will find little appetite in Bougainville for that connection, especially if under the auspices of the PNG government - KJ

This is the most positive development to come out of the Bougainville civil war and stands in contrast to BHP's handling of the Ok Tedi dispute.

I think Gabriel should declare his interest given, as today's PNG Attitude story demonstrates, the Bougainville government sees Rio's abdication as anything but positive. In fact it has great similarities to BHP's walking away from Ok Tedi, except BHP set up a compensatory fund of $US1.4 billion while Rio is just saying hasta la vista - KJ

Not too hard to connect the dots is it Phil?

And Peter O'Neill is travelling to China next week.


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