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23 June 2016


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Well done Ian 👍 Just visited on the Aria and was amazed at the beauty of the Island. Loved it👏👏😘😘

I visited this island in November 2016 on the Pacific Eden. It is absolute paradise. Pristine and remote. Clear water heaps of fish when snorkelling and pretty coral. We only had one day there but we were very impressed and would love to visit again. We feel very privileged to have experienced this atoll.

How can he buy an island? Where were the traditional landowners? Just because it is uninhabited does not mean they gave away their fishing and landing rights. This would be another Mabo in PNG. Some dimdim must have been clever. If you read the turtle drama, yes the fishermen were strangers in their own sea and water and they just speared a few and not the many that is trawled be ships. Turangu long ol.

From Sydney Morning Herald Aug 2014.

Conflict in paradise: Unlikely Australian eco-warrior Ian Gowrie-Smith clashes with locals over fate of green sea turtles.

I would like to share something with you about Ian Gowrie-Smith & his Conflict Islands which are 150 Km from Alotau.

Well, I must come visit now, after such a cool article. I didn't know they made clear-bottom kayaks. That's super cool. I know about transparent kayaks, but that's cool that they make clear-bottom kayaks - probably a little less delicate. Thanks for the post!

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