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30 June 2016


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When Julius Caesar controlled a riot and the great library at the Egyptian port of Alexandria was accidentally burned he at least regretted that so many irreplaceable scrolls from ancient Greek and Egyptian times were totally destroyed.

In this modern instance of criminal stupidity, those who perpetrated this act of arson can only provide an indication of their complete disregard for their nation's learning and education. Could it have been the criminal's intention to inflict their frustration at those who have education but aren't using it to benefit those who don't or haven't been lucky enough to obtain a better life? Perhaps we will never know?

What is thankfully possible, is the opportunity to replace those books that have been lost but that will require funds that are clearly at the moment, in very short supply.

It will be interesting to see what if any action the government takes to help replace the books destroyed or will it be a case of government ministers again crying poor me and wringing their hands as they bank their own salaries and allowances?

I am shaking my head. Much has transpired in this country within these few weeks because of our dissatisfaction with the current leadership of Peter O' Neill and his harem of servitude followers in the current government (and of course state institutions).

It leaves me asking and questioning, what is national leadership in our so called democracy when such revolt, disorder, brutality, terrorism, mayhem, death, and destruction occur under my watch, and yet, and yet, me, the so called national leader(s) feel nothing.

At least, these should tickle some sense of shame in my human faculty and I should/ must accept responsibility that under my leadership, a lot has happened in a very short time, mostly negative (questioning my leadership) and affecting the very people (mostly young) I claim to represent. And all of these things happened because people are not happy with my style of leadership.

Should I hang my head in shame, bow out and let someone else take lead to bring these situations under control.

Or should I still maintain my egoistic pride of being a national leader and maintain my grasp on power, despite the chaos happening around me.

Our leader(s) should stop these diversion and blame game and accept responsibility. It's about time the people see your true worth as leader(s) in managing the crisis that is happening in our country, instead of being quiet or using the media as crisis management centres for giving updates.

This political impasse and boycotts have affected the education of thousands of PNGeans including our friends from Solomon Islands and Vanuatu at our three state universities. From its onset, the students show of dissatisfaction was not managed properly by our so called leader(s).

And now this has degenerated to levels of criminality, who is to be blamed? Someone has to take responsibility and someone has to be held responsible for sleeping on this issue and letting this issue drop to this level the country is in now. We cannot pass the buck to our children for being the cause and instigator.

The blame should fall on our national leaders, starting from the PM and his cabinet including the Police Commissioner for the violence that triggered the destructive reactions afterwards.

I am saddened that the country and the Pacific lost books and literature at UPNG to arson. I am also saddened that a life was lost. I am saddened that the education of thousands at our universities are affected. I am saddened that students were injured and wounded.

I am saddened that my country has to come down this low to show its dissatisfaction with the current crop of so called national leaders we have in this current parliament, especially the government.

A true leader will take responsibility of everything that has transpired in the last few weeks.

But some of us are so full of pride, I don't think it will happen. We will just blame the children and shield ourselves from everything.

Whenever I visit Port Moresby I schedule a trip out to UPNG to say hello to John and his staff and to peruse the PNG book collection. In most cases I come away with a couple of volumes.

Given the dearth of other bookshops in PNG this stupid act of arson is a major catastrophe.

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