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02 June 2016


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Peers peering between appendages, mean length of stride and their width of opening, but not elevated to and/or above the neck, waist line or behind the eyes. Peers peer behind the eyes.

And the other has no third appendage at the waistline nor the exterior comfort familiar to internalize not analyse. Peers peer behind the eyes. Their ears are not noses, hands or hearts.

Appendages serve only distances. Peers eyes yield little but equal elevation. Depth is to internalize. Do not use your eyes for this nor your ears or noses. Hands come near when hearts do not fear.

Just reported by the ABC:

Human rights groups have welcomed changes to Nauru's criminal code which decriminalise homosexuality and attempted suicide, urging other Pacific nations to follow suit.

Nauru says changes bring country in line with "modern circumstances".

Human Rights Watch calls on other Pacific nations to follow and also stop death penalty.

The Nauruan Government last week announced a revamp of the country's century-old criminal code, saying the updates were made to reflect modern circumstances.

Elaine Pearson from Human Rights Watch said while the legal changes were a good start, more needed to be done to change how refugees on the island are treated.

"What really needs to change is attitudes and the practices … to make it clear that men having sex with men is not a crime, and that people should have the freedom to love who they choose," she said.

"Outdated criminal codes that have these provisions really need to be removed, so I hope a number of other Pacific countries will see this as an important step and actually take steps to eradicate the death penalty altogether, and take steps to decriminalise same-sex conduct."

I think many of the contributors to PNG Attitude can rightly claim to have a PhD from UHK.

(University of Hard Knocks)

Keith - em ia meri Simbu o.

Niupela FB page tu em ino stap, nau tasol mi sekim.

Em igat namba tri FB page, tasol mi no konferm.

Polis tokim laik kisim em igo long stesen, narapela meri lukim na helpim long draiv igo.

Ol kimani tok nogutim em na traim long poretim em, giaman putim em long sel na bihain rausim em i kam aut.

Em tasol mi harim.

For Susan Merrell's information this woman holds a BA (Arts) degree with Hons from UPNG and a Masters degree from the US.

Academic quals disclosure is not mandatory but highly regarded by the publishers - KJ (BA etc)

The young woman is Geejay Milli. She posted on Twitter two days ago but not since. She claims she was banned from Facebook because of complaints about some of her posts about O'Neill.

I wonder if anyone knows what happened to her - Martyn?

The woman in the photo was holding her placard and demonstrating by standing with it in the street when Mugabe arrived in Port Moresby.

I am told she was arrested by the police and locked in the Boroko cells.

A brave woman.

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