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28 June 2016


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Thank you Hal Holman for your life, art and service to PNG; and its identity and history; from me and my family.

A great tribute to your friend and wonderful artist.

We repeat Charles Lepani's "thank you to Hal for his contribution to PNG through design, sculpture and art, offering the gratitude of the people of PNG".

The sons and daughters of beloved Papua New Guinea will "stand taller on this stone than we ever were before, be it unaided or with friendly encouragement; whilst there, give thanks to your Creator for your existence".

Whenever I see that golden crest of beloved Papua New Guinea, I will be able to recall this man's work of heart in those works of art.

Keith, thanks for you extensive tribute to Hal. I stand corrected on that "concrete hulled boat" he was building over my back fence, it was as you correctly pointed out, a catamaran.

Over a beer sitting in the innards, Hal asked me if he could extend slightly into my back yard with his catamaran, I said that was OK knowing he had already removed the fence! A great bloke and a talented artist.

Thanks for that additional information, Alan. They were good days - KJ

Thank you Keith for the story.

Just look at the late Hal Holman standing beside his creation - a bust of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare. Two men who saw the birth of a nation forty years ago.

The legacies of such great man must be respected, recorded and protected for future generations.

A fitting tribute for a creative soul, who through his creative efforts has enriched the landscape of two nations and left a legacy in both countries.

Well said, Keith. There's a mile or two of historic memories, methinks.

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