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24 June 2016


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Stop Press, for those interested and, to correct the record for those who aren't, PNG Echo has now put up my comments on this - I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, viz that they were researching the facts and that created the delay.

The reason BHP still controls the trust fund is because it didn't want any of the sticky fingered politicians in PNG to get their hands on it and piss it all up against the wall Gabriel.

I think Sir Mek is doing the right thing.

PNGSDP no longer owns the US$1.5 billion trust fund in Singapore. Just as a lot us suspected the true owner is BHP Billiton.

It would seem Sir Mekere is representing BHP Billiton in the fight against all of us as represented though our government.

I have been no fan of Sir Mekere since he took a Fisheries portfolio when his family was involved in the fishing industry.

This was compounded by the ham-fisted way he tried to resolve the ongoing dilemma of having no responsibility for unsuccessful parliamentary motions of no confidence placed upon the movers and seconders of such motions.

However, I am with him in this action which actually is the result of the precedent of a much earlier piece of parliamentary chicanery which goes back to the 1980's and relates to the parliament using its numbers to effectively change the leasehold of a property from one person to another without the consent of the former owner or a court order.

At the time, the Speaker of parliament was well aware of the issue involved but allowed it to be debated anyway - perhaps he was keeping neutral.

The real dilemma in all this is that the only people to benefit from the carrying on will be the lawyers and not the long suffering residents of the Western Province.

A bigger issue of course is that arising from the conflict of interest of a government having responsibility for regulating an industry in which it has a substantial shareholding.

I have tried to get this posted on the PNG Echo website, without success to date.

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