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18 June 2016


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I wonder if the wider Australian community reads this article and of course the other articles on the recent happenings in PNG, and what their views will be. Turnbull should hang his head in shame and Labor likewise.

"He-might-be-a-son-of-a-bitch-but-he’s-our-son-of-a-bitch” (principle so beloved of US presidents). America on the pretext of "world policeman" goes shooting and bombing and killing innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousands have died and millions more made orphans, a limp less and homeless.

Australia blindly follows America into Iraq and into Afghanistan doing all these things the Americans does.

Now in the Pacific, Australia the big brother, the protector of democratic principles and good governance in the region trains and funds PNG police to shoot its citizens, rape and burn villages. Disgusting.

Many Australians would agree with you, Mathias. Many more just aren't bothered. Meanwhile, Australia slips backwards in most global indicators of performance - including ethical performance. Barely able these days even to protect its own interests - KJ

And check out 'Chasing Asylum' a documentary by Eva Orner.

"The bigger question is: What is going on here? What kind of indictment to Australian democracy is the fact that people can go to jail for two years for speaking out about a policy that allows children to be sexually abused?" Orner said on Tuesday night.

"What we are doing is not okay and the fact that the government is so scared and so paranoid that they are legislating against it is what we should really, I think, be focusing on."

If you read this disturbing article in conjunction with today's offering by Chris Overland it is apparent that we on PNG Attitude seem to know what is going on in PNG (and Nauru) but the Australian government is turning a blind eye.

It is instructive that they (and Labor) are prepared to support corrupt and despotic governments in both places simply for domestic and political purposes.

As a result we are going to have a failed state with a dictator at its head on our doorstop.

A curse on both their houses.

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