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31 May 2016


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Thank you, something of significance to the history, culture and identity of this country will now be restored to its rightful place.

Peter O'Neill should have stopped him. Laka!

#Put them back!

Theo Zurenuoc, whose name means 'god',
Hated carved figures, so he gave the nod,
To LBC workers, armed with chain-saws,
To harvest like timber our totem poles,
And fell carved heads at Haus Tambaran's doors.

Claiming the rights of an introduced god
His followers cried, "He did the good job!"
They spit and curse our tumbuna pasin
And keep themselves righteous and free from sin!

But hear what the court says, news just in,
Theo's acts "were unlawful and infringed"
PNG's mama law and culture act.

You can't seem to stop MP's corrupt acts
So, now, Theo, just put our carvings back.

Ol Gavman Memba imas sem, wari na belhat wantaim olsem na ol i tokim sigiriti long pasim gate long ol man meri laik igo long Haus Tambaran nau tete.

Ol lidaman meri tru ia, eh laka, (tpeh!) pipia.

As Elvina says, the Good Lord has intervened and corrected the wayward nonsense of his errant children.

With a bit of luck he'll also zap that fake old bible from the Ozarks.

Look at that magnificent doorway. I want it back Theo!

Yu fit man long rausim, yu putim bek same speed!

Bai yu jeles iet long dispela diwai ia - em bai stap abrusim laip b'long yu.

Sem b'long yu ol tumbuna b'long yu bai karim - em history ia, yu longlong nating tru.

Soooore na waaaari.

Zurenuoc has the IQ of an infant. He is a laughing stock. We said this all through and the court said the same thing.

Someone give this child from Finschhafen a lecture on cause and effect.

Finally it's settled. Religious ideals taken to the extreme by our leaders seem somewhat ridiculous.

You can change the setting of your own house according to your personal beliefs. Faith is a personal thing.

You want to take the history or the Israelites & try to repeat (accommodate) that in PNG? Remember, Israel is a kingdom nation with kings and subjects. Current PNG is founded on democracy. There is a distinct difference between the two forms of governing a nation.

So please leaders, don't take away your dignities by being so superstitious in the eyes of your million people. Be realistic as everything is there for a purpose so I suggest you try to understand its significance before be so biased to your own roots.

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