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27 April 2016


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'Twas on a Monday morning, now the washing is all on the line…err...seen to be in line…
"PNG Chief Justice finds Manus Island detention centre is actually closed" [By Eric Tlozek, Mon 13/3/2017]

But can Ministers and Minister Prime sustain refrain..."Dashing away with the smoothing iron"?

Will Australia get its linen in the fold by Friday?

Certainly China has made a success of Special Economic Zones. No red tape, no tax, ooodles of foreign investment, minimum bureaucracy - sounds right up the Liberals street.

Mind you the land might belong to someone, however I'm sure a bit of creative 'intervention' could sort that out.

That's an idea I've been mulling over for a while Peter.

I originally thought that if you wanted to develop the north why not fill it up with Asian migrants, they, if anyone, could develop a tropical environment.

Then I thought that I rather liked the Top End wild as it now is and forgot the idea.

I can also imagine the outrage from the shock jocks saying we are creating a potential Muslim caliphate up there which would overrun the rest of Australia.

We have the capacity to absorb several thousand refugees into general Australian society anyway so why set up a special area? I wonder why the Kiwis keep saying they'll take them. maybe they are better at lateral thinking than Turnbull, Shorten et al.

PNG, in fact, could set up a special zone and get them all working and it would ultimately improve the country.

So many ideas, so few forward thinkers.

Hell, you could even make them tax free development zones (as has been done in Madang) that might even persuade Turnbull to invest some of his Cayman Islands millions into his own country. It's called putting your money where your mouth is.

That's a good, tangible and workable solution, Peter. Peter Dutton and the Australian coalition government should look into such options instead of passing the buck.

So what's the solution you might well ask? The coalition have made a great sound and fury about 'developing northern Australia'. So why not have new development centres in the NT, Qld and WA? Invite the refugees to build new towns, develop agriculture, grow the economy of the north, start new industries.

We've done it before. Who built the Ghan railway and why is it called that? Who built the Snowy Mountains scheme?

Refugees, that's who. Call them Ghans or Balts or Gypos, we welcomed them, they had a go and got things done.

Why not try it again?

Manus is an outrage, and both Labor and the coalition are responsible for egregious crimes against humanity. Dutton is passing the buck to PNG who should wake up and realise that Australia is just using them as a convenience.

As commented by the Sydney Morning Herald...

"Because while it's true Labor said its Manus centre would be empty in a year, it's also true there was no plan to make that happen. It was an entirely unaccountable dream: a declaration utterly devoid of meaning.

Labor never knew where these people would be resettled, once found to be refugees. It never handed the Coalition a stack of agreements with other countries guaranteeing these people would have a home. It passed on a detention regime made of matchsticks. Now it stands ready to tut, the moment things collapse.

No, the real feat of imagination here would have been to pretend this could end any other way. Because the PNG Supreme Court this week did nothing more than reveal the obvious: that our policy was only ever to sweep asylum seekers under someone else's rug. It was designed to stop boats coming to us, but solve no greater problem than that. We've not brokered an agreement with our regional neighbours to share the load, because we've preferred instead to bribe the poorest nations into removing the problem from our sight.

Occasionally, as in Cambodia's case, we've paid them dozens of millions of dollars for almost exactly nothing.

Pursue that kind of non-policy and eventually it catches up with you. Manus is full of people already found to be refugees, stuck in a country that says it simply cannot afford to take them, and right next to one that very easily could. "

Never before have I felt so disgusted at Australian politicians.

Malcolm Turnbull says "don't get misty eyed" about stories of detainees who have been subjected to torture, murder and mayhem and subsequently commit suicide and acts of self immolation.

Malcolm, once I thought you were a decent human being. Now no longer.

I share your outrage, Peter. It is not a question of being misty-eyed about rape, murder, self-immolation, mental torture and casual brutality. It is a question of being appalled at what depths we Australians have lowered ourselves to where we feel we can justify and rationalise a system that leads to such acts. Turnbull, always an arrogant fellow, is showing an inhumanity that does not equip him to lead a great democratic and tolerant nation such as we Australians imagine we have created - KJ

Gary's come out will all guns blazing! Well done that man.

Northern province governor, Gary Juffa, has lambasted both the Australian government and PNG leader, Peter O’Neill. He described the situation as the lowest point in PNG’s short time as an independent nation, and said PNG’s sovereignty was sold on the day Rudd and O’Neill signed their agreement.

Juffa is a member of a minor PNG political party, People’s Movement for Change. He had this to say, care of the PNG Post Courier:

This ill-conceived effort at shirking one’s international responsibilities by a failed Australian Prime Minister aided and abetted by a failing PNG Prime Minister was never in the best interests of Australians, Papua New Guinea genuine asylum seekers and humanity.

Never before had our sovereignty become so prostituted by one man inconsiderate of the dignity of a people in exchange for a few coins and buildings.

They should all simply hang their collective heads in shame and resign. They should never hold public office where they may concoct or even consider decisions that demean us as a people and sell our sovereignty and dignity.”

Juffa has previously described the PNG-Australia deal as neo-colonialist grovelling.

Julian Burnside, noted human rights lawyer, “Let’s face it, Australia only chose PNG and Nauru as places to warehouse people because we knew they needed the money we could give them.

"Let’s not shy away from that. That’s the brutal reality of it, and at last their Supreme Court has said ‘No, this falls below our standards of human decency’.”

However, he said he expected Turnbull and Dutton to maintain their hardline stance that detainees will not be coming to Australia.

“They will maintain that hardline stance because Labor is so pathetic on this issue that [opposition immigration minister] Richard Marles is singing from the same song-sheet as Peter Dutton,” he said.

More incredibly insensitive comments from Dutton on radio 2GB this morning.

"Dutton is maintaining that Australia is not bound at all by the PNG supreme court ruling, and that the 850 men are not Australia’s responsibility.

The supreme court ruling doesn’t require the centre to be closed immediately. An “open centre-style arrangement... may deal with some of the concerns the judges had” and allow a centre to continue operating.

Australia will work with PNG on the options “available to them”, says Dutton, but the starting and finishing point is No Settlement In Australia.

There is a “difficulty” with Iranian detainees as their country own’t take forced returns. “The PNG government will have to sort that out, and it’s an issue for them.”

How come it's now an issue for PNG? As I said before, power without responsibility.

"Australia has long been an asylum seekers’ preferred country of destination. They have always headed for the shores of Australia; never PNG. Kevin Rudd and Peter O’Neill know that.

"Now Rudd has shoved his politically-motivated egoistic agenda down the throat of O’Neill under the might of the Aussie dollar without regard for the views of the ordinary Papua New Guineans who will day to day bear the implications of the deal.

This to me is Australia as bully; emasculating the sovereignty of PNG and denying the intelligence of its people."

Above is quoted from my article on the asylum deal between O'Neill and Rudd on this blog.

Yes, the ball is now in Australia's court and it has always been their problem and Peter Dutton should not gamble or pass buck. Australia should be frank and accept the authenticity of PNG court and it's decision and clean the mess it created under Rudd regime.

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