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18 April 2016


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Alas, I have no recollection of your sartorial mimicry, Richard - although I do remember Tom Stanley and his kiap-like rig and the quiet jeering it elicited. That said, there'd be few, if any, who would dispute that you were the doyen of Port Moresby chalkie fashion - right down to the open weave slip-ons that, you advised, were made in Croatia.

I do recall old Central District Education Officer Tom Stanley referring to his boss, the then Director of Education Kenny McKinnon as the 'boy wonder'.

Not all that fondly, if I recall correctly.

Old Tom, a large lad with a bristly moustache, favoured a sort-of-kiap costume. He was regularly outfitted in a pale khaki/brown ensemble --- shirt with epaulettes and the mandatory same-coloured tie, long-ish shorts and khaki socks teamed with keenly polished brown shoes.

All these accoutrements when he was a DEO, not an assistant District Commissioner, or similar!

There was an unsubstantiated rumour hurtling around Moresby at the time that I dressed in similar attire to Tom when he came to visit me in the mid-60s at the Sogeri T-school.

It was in the days just before I ditched the chalkboard for an industrial training officer job with the Dep.
of Labour.

KJ, Edwin Brumbleberry and Co. will no doubt assert that the same-coloured clothing myth continues but personally I have no memory of it.

Convenient memory, we used to call it, Ryycharrrde - KJ

Keith, Dr Mckinnon was also the Vice Chancellor of Charles Darwin University here in the Northern Territory. It was he who recommended the change in name from the NTU to CDU. It was a very significant name change and a very appropriate one.

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