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04 March 2016


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Thank you Joe and Raymond for your comments. I appreciate that.

Good read and great story. Thanks Ray for sharing part of your life story with us. God bless.

Thank you, Awi, for your story. God's blessings to your and your family during the next part of your journey.

Thank you Robin, Barbara, Chris, Simon, and Michael. I appreciate and humbly acknowledge your comments to my story.

An inspiring story, Raymond, well done. I'm glad to read your work on PNG Attitude.

Thanks, Raymond. Your journey is indeed inspirational to read.

Thank you for sharing your story Raymond.

We are often encouraged to believe that life can and should proceed in a fairly linear way but your experience, like mine, is that life is much more likely to take unexpected turns, depending upon your ability and willingness to seize opportunities when they appear.

In your case, you seem to have seized your chances when the time was right for you. This is, in fact, much harder to do than it might seem.

Many people either do not recognise opportunities when they present or simply fail to seize them or seize the wrong one and so live a more constrained life than they otherwise might.

I sincerely hope that you and your family go on to further success and happiness.

Thank you, Raymond, for telling us your story. What an interesting story it is.

It shows us a lot about the way your life's journey has been influenced by family, friends, and circumstances. But, as a Christian, I feel the Good Lord has been looking after you all the way.

God bless you and your time at Goroka. I wonder what He has planned for you next!

Quite an adventure, Raymond.

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