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28 February 2016


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Thanks and appreciation to both Keith and Phil. The influence and impact of your commitment is so far reaching. Again many thanks.

Thank you Phil for yet another collection of PNG literature. This compilation plus the Crocodile Prize Anthology and books authored by PNG writers, you assisted in publishing would be quoted, analysed and reviewed by students of language and literature in PNG's colleges and universities some years from now. Many academics and ordinary PNGeans have not realised yet the immense contribution you Keith and others have done for PNG literature through the Attitude. Thanks again.

Among PNG Attitude readers, perhaps many are and there might well be many more, with yearning to trace information now freely available at the National Library of Australia (NLA).

Already thronging of folk to the NLA website titled Trove, manifests massive acclamation, and much in pursuit of insights into members of related folks' families past.

Australians are not the only persons accessing the information, and indeed, voluminous archival material is likely of other places and people.
Alas, in news today, revelation of cost of that provision (hardly of largess) appears as an aspect of cuticle cropping in the following:,-cuts-and-the-culture-of-forgetting/7206890

A nail-biting episode looming?


You are doing a magnificent job.
Keep doing what you are doing.

Phil - you make me feel like a Myrmidon!

Watch your heel, mate!

Absolutely it is a history worth recording! One that is writing itself everyday, and one that has provided for many aspiring writers a pathway that is in an extraordinary way opening up many possibilities....

Good on you Phil. I think PNG Attitude has a lot to do about having a positive attitude to PNG.

Let's face it, these people, the PNG people, are going through a process... self-government... we left them to it but after 20 odd years we found they were struggling with it... we have come back to help... they have welcomed us.. we love them and care for them and want to help them anyway we can.

Let's not blame anyone for everything that has gone wrong. If African countries have gone through similar problems after they got self-government then we can see that there is a pattern in it.

Let's just put our heads together to see ways of solving all the problems that have arisen. And while there is still breathe in us get on with the job of setting the ship on the right course.

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