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26 February 2016


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Excellent, Phil. This also goes with mainstream media as well. They like to sensationalize things to keep their target audience engaged.


When I was in America in 1991, I was so upset I cancelled a planned meeting with a missionary based in the Hela Province who was showcasing his Huli pastor before American congregations starting on the East Coast to the West Coast telling people that there were cannibals still living on the island of New Guinea.

And that 'the church' needed more funds to expand missionary work in those primitive parts. He went as far as describing how human flesh tasted as told to him by Huli Christian converts.

I told the good missionary on the phone, I didn't want to see his face when I saw his stories of cannibalism in modern PNG appearing in American newspapers. You can imagine how I felt.

I am sure the Huli/Opena tribesman (pastor) whose name and picture appeared along side the good missionary's tall tales did not have a clue what was going on.

Early mainstream churches like the Catholics, the Lutherans, the SDAs, the Apostolics and the Baptists who first set foot in Enga province came with the Word of God in one hand and services like education and health in the other. They converted people to true Christianity.

But many composite churches being established nowadays appear to be after 'funds' and like businessman from the north get more closer to our politicians.

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