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18 February 2016


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The army ration pack can openers had a notch for bottle tops Joe. In those days there weren't any SP cans around, you had to go San Miguel etc. for those. The cans had to have a hole punched in them (same with Coke). Then came push-in tops - the number of people who swallowed the tops was incredible. Ring pulls were way off. I wonder when SP will introduce twist caps on their brownies?

Nice article, Phil. SP Beer cap openers have not had the same impact. We have improvised it by removing the bottle tops with our teeth. We can go through several cases of beer tops with our teeth at a sitting.

Phil, I remember Hagen in the seventies and eighties and the Umbrella was still an essential part of 'dress'.

If the men were wearing a feather headdress the umbrella provided the added value of protecting the feathers from the rain.

The little chain of bamboo tubes is called an "aumak" in Melpa language, and if I remember correctly it is a record of the number of pigs given in Moka exchange.

One did see some people still using a traditional mat made from pandanus as a protection from the rain. Keys on chain around the neck were another sign of the well-dressed gentleman.

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