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14 February 2016


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Oh wow Vikki, Ok Tedi is owned by the PNG Government. Oh wow Vikki, did you petition the PNG Prime Minister about this? Oh wow Vikki, are not you lucky you are an Australian?

The original article is on the Ok Tedi Mining (OTML) website and was published 13 February 2016.
Here is the link

Who is the author of this item? It is not up to PNG Attitude's usual standard.

Heduru Trust is established to manage funds owned by people of the Western Province. The K5 million, "given" by Heduru Trust, belongs to W.P. people. They are in fact supporting themselves!

OTML is now owned and controlled by the State of PNG, which took K124 million in dividends as soon as it expropriated the shares in OTML, the majority of which used to belong to the people of the W.P., so in fact again the W.P. people are supporting themselves.

If PNGSDPL had still been the trustees for the W.P. people's, I am sure that they would not have left our villagers short of food for six months before organising relief supplies.

At least someone is doing something for the people, VikkiJohn.
Don't keep canning Ok Tedi Mining Limited. At least they are, in conjunction with others, helping.
We all know their record is pretty grubby but at least they are showing concern and support.
If they didn't,these people would die.
And 5 million kina is not small change either
Well done OTML and everyone else involved.

Oh wow, the mining company now helps the people who are starving hungry.
Oh wow, the headlines of this article that the mining company are the heroes.
Oh wow, at least in the last paragraph they acknowledge those who will supply the food, Trukai Industries... at a discounted price, and cartage to shipping sites for loading get a mention!
Oh wow, the mining company know that they won't operate without getting a discount.
Oh wow, and the mining company are off the hook again because Horizon Oil will do the hard work of cartage and storage.
Oh wow, the shareholders of OTML must feel very groovy right now.
Oh wow, at last the hungry starving people are thought off.
Oh wow, but it took the mining company to decide their fate!!!!

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