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29 February 2016


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It is probably a weird and wonderful joy for expatriates living and working in PNG and I'm glad of your PTSD, Chris.

I think what you and your fellows have is the result of the grain being separated from the chaff.

You know what its like to really be alive and valuable in the world.

Much like in war time, you've thrived when everything was against you.

The dissapoinment stems from your unique understanding that things can and do work in PNG despite the odds.

Thank you for your story, it is a blessing.

Thank you for your story, Chris.

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with the people of PNG, Chris.

Thanks for your story Chris. I appreciate your comments from time to time on PNG Attitude as they show a good understanding of the PNG situation.

As you may know I "waste my time with all this rubbish" (as my husband calls it) on a dynamic Facebook site for Sepiks. Yes, there are signs that the educated, thoughtful people of PNG are willing to stand up to those who are tied down with petty jealousies or have got carried away with thoughts of affluence.

There is so much holding them back. But slowly the mindsets are changing. If only the people elected to run the country could undergo some mindset change and start to realize what Development is really all about.

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