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26 December 2015


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I'll be in Goroka next year and would really like to team up with Goroka based PNG Attitude writers or contributors, or any interested person. I also would like to contribute in my own little ways to this idea of a sustained and progressive PNG literature.

Touche Ed!

Revenge for my snide comments about the typos in Baka's books. It comes to he who waits.

And of course I meant 'inertia' as opposed to 'lack of'.

It's a big problem - inertia and apathy. My latest theory is up there today.

Phil: I think you meant not 'a lack of inertia' but, perhaps, 'a surfeit' or 'abundance'.

You're right, of course, to be frustrated and angry. I note, more with a tinge of sorrow than angst, that of those who have responded to Keith's and your decision to continue your great work, only a few: Rashmi, Emmanuel and Michael have put their hands out to take up the literary cudgels. The remainder, while delighted that Attitude and Pukpuk Publishing will continue (for the time being?) seem content to take advantage without contributing anything in return.

That the universities, academics and arts and education administrators remain silent and inert is a shameful state of affairs.

As a member of COG I look forward to reading updates of the forum discussion at last Septembers Croc awards ceremony.

RE: "Life after Keith and Phil".

Let that be the a first agenda item for us next year, i.e. business arising.

What was the agreed way forward? What are the key tasks and who is responsible? How can everyone else contribute?

Quit dreaming - talk the talk and walk the walk.

If we are to create a writer's society, formalized or not we need to socialize - to me Facebook doesn't count if there's never any real face-to-face.

Wherever we are in PNG we need to arrange to meet each other informally at first, in pairs or more, whatever number of you are available.

I am in Lae until 31 January 2016 - anyone else reading this? Marlene?

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