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10 December 2015


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A sensitive area bound to create more resentment from their PNG counterparts. Too many new initiatives and duplication of roles and responsibilities.

Why not provide support to initiatives that already exist like the Public Sector Audit program which now applies to the local level governments or the District Development Authority (DDA)?

People in these organisations need to be empowered to carry out their work diligently and support is needed on awareness.

Yesterday's The National headline "State admits arrears".

Treasurer Secretary Diari Vele says that the government is yet to pay Nambawan Super K2.5bn in superannuation.

Apparently there are two liabilities.

The Treasurer Secretary could not give the exact amounts - could not or would not? - but he says that one amount is "an old liability" and "very large" and had accumulated "for 15 to 20 years".

"The other number is smaller - K200 million or something like that."

Other unpaid figures for 2014, 2015 and 2016 were K150 million each. November to December last year alone Nambawan was owed K109 million.

The Treasury Department of Papua New Guinea eventually answers to one of the key figures implicated in the biggest fraud case in PNG history, with evidence which has not as yet been brought to court.

Good luck Nambawan Super clients.

Sounds like an excellent idea for adoption in Australia. We could start by looking at politicians spending on travel and other 'entitlements'; the impact of lobby groups on Government policy; the avoidance of taxation by major companies, details of which cannot be revealed for fear of kidnap; the level of Government subsidies to big polluters; the awarding of infrastructure contracts to mates in the development sector; the appalling record of the delivery of services to indigenous peoples despite decades of promises - the list goes on and on.

Rod should come back home and try his ideas for transparency and accountability in Australia.

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