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02 November 2015


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A recent article in Aspermont's October 'PNG Report' magazine titled 'Road Maps' outlines why and how this has happened and how PNG can help make sure it doesn't happen in PNG.

The key to the problem is land and land ownership. The drivers are greed at the top, big business wanting to justify large scale farming, overpopulation and lack of education and understanding.

Turn your back on recorded history and you are doomed to repeat it.

Thankyou Daniel. I've heard this before but not from an experience like yours. No wonder poverty is a genuine concept. You remind me of my beautiful inheritance Daniel.

I agree too. How can one sleep well and have a hot meal when your kin is begging on the streets? definitely not in PNG! But there needs to be some sort of mechanisms for those that are using disabilities as an excuse.

We (PNGns) are nothing like the developed countries. We are bonded to our kin by blood and culture regardless of type or creed. And we help each other out in times of need or emergency.

Proud to be a PNGn.

You have just changed my perception of the communities in developed countries with this piece, Daniel. Yes, although wantokism is a hinderance towards development in PNG it is the integral part of our society that keeps everyone together. I agree.

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