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03 November 2015


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Wasn't trying to be facetious, Keitheeee. Really did hope the ear problem had been fixed. And I'd completely forgotten about the need for the sleep apnoea machine which keeps whirring night-long. In fact, had forgotten about the sleep apnoea.

But the mental picture of large lads (and presumably lasses, too, but from other families!) lying prostrate in stairwells conjures up some mental pics which must, of necessity, be censored.

The skipper should get the 2013 Tom Hanks movie about Captain Phillips --- based on a true story --- whose huge freighter was boarded by African fishermen turned pirates.
Phillips managed to see them off. But maybe that would be too close to the bone for the captain of the good ship Nautica.

A couple of years ago, transiting the Arabian Sea, Nautica was fired on by Somali pirates frustrated by the ship's ability to outrun them. No one was hurt but it does add a little reality to Piracy Drill - KJ

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