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08 October 2015


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Terry, I sent the following letter of appreciation on the email address you provided. But am posting here as well for all to see your generosity.

I am Daniel Kumbon, a journalist who works and lives in Wabag, Enga Province. I am also a parent concerned with the dropping literacy rate in my province and country.

Thank you for the kind offer to donate books to schools here. My province is indeed backward. There are many schools in the province without proper resources. Most have no library books.

I will distribute the books to selected schools here together with the 2015 Crocodile Prize Anthologies.

I have a box of books of the anthologies in Port Moresby already. I had them sent there because I do not trust the postal service here. My son is going down to pick them up this week. I hope to distribute them together with your donations to the selected schools before the year is out.

Please send the books to:

Daniel Kumbon
C/O Mark Sakol
Wabag Primary School
P. o. Box 104
WABAG, Enga Province
Papua New Guinea.

Air Niugini makes daily flights to Wapenamanda in Enga province.If the books come via Air Niugini air cargo, we will safely receive them here.

Thank you very much.

So, the Simbu Writers Association goes from strength to strength with its latest plan for SWA Corners in schools. That plus the Toowong Rotarians efforts, the Crocodile Prize, Pukpuk Publishing and the project to supply Kindles to schools in Bougainville will surely support reading and literacy efforts in those areas.

But what a damning indictment it is that such voluntary efforts are desperately needed because of the failure of government to supply schools with adequate teaching and learning materials.

Thank you Terry for the kind response. I will send the details on the email address you have provided by next week Tuesday.

Thank you once again.

Daniel Kumbon
Wabag, Enga Province.

Daniel if you wish to forward your schools details I am sure we can make an exception and give a parcel of books.

We believe that all kids deserve the right to knowledge if they are from Wagga Wagga-Wabag or Washington.

Send details care of me at

Thank you so much Murray and the team in Toowong and Terry and the family in Goroka.

A new program planned by Simbu Writers Association for primary, high and secondary schools in Simbu in 2016 is to establish a SWA Corner in the school library where SWA donated books including those authored by SWA members will be kept for students to read.

The idea is that we can check from time to time to ensure that the books do not grow legs and walk away.

The donated books will be kept in the SWA Corner.

My province Enga is on the end of the line from Lae. The provincial capital is aptly named 'Wayback' (Wabag). We have a lot of catching up to do. Can someone tell us how such donations of precious books can be accessed?

Thank you very much for this wonderful project. By the way is it possible for other schools in the highlands to be part of the project?

A worthwhile project indeed. Are these books sponsored and shipped to specific highlands schools or are these books donated?

The books are donated and are being sent to schools in the Eastern Highlands and Simbu provinces free of charge courtesy of Toowong Rotary and Terry Shelley of Nowek Plantation - KJ

A wonderful project.

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